Thursday, August 21, 2008

Children’s Inter Cultural Exposure Programme

An exposure programme was implemented for the “Rainbow Children” of “Setik” Kandy. 45 children irrespective of race and creed participated in this programme. These children were taken to Kanadalama (Matale District) where they met the village children’s group, who joined us in the Exposure Programme to “Sigiriya”. 6o rural children from Kandalama together with our 45 children of Kandy visited the rice fields, irrigation tanks and villages of the dry zone. The children from the city of Kandy were enlightened on the prevailing conditions of village life. In the evening the children joined together to produce a cultural programme. On the following day they visited “Sigiriya” which is one of the wonders of the Sri Lanka, and of the World ! The programme closed with the children sharing their experiences of the programme which gave them enlightenment on the past history of Sri Lanka.