Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Day Residential Training Programme for Children

The two day training programme, organized by Mr. K. Sivakumar, Coordinator (Eradication of Child Labour Unit), was held at Hatton Centre on the 16th & 17th of February 2011. 46 children from Deeside, Mora, Wanarajah, Fordays, Beerat, Christlessfarm, Strathen, Unifield and Radella estates took part in this programme.

These children were enlightened under the following topics with team work by resource contributors M/s S. Premkumar and S. Thiruchelvam.

Children’s Rights
Child Protection
Child Abuse
The vision of the children in the future
Significance of Education
Personality Development
Developing of Skills

Out Come
The children took part in this training programme with great concern and enthusiasm and they composed a song on “Children’s Wold” and delighted us by singing it.
Acted a drama on “The Parents Drunkenness and its Bad Impacts on Children”
They took part in a debate on “the significance of education”
General Knowledge Questions and Answers